Coding Portfolio

As a fullstack web developer, I've worked in several research and personal projects. Here's a brief selection of my most remarkable coding projects:

NEURONE: oNlinE inqUiry expeRimentatiON systEm

As part of my final work for getting my Computer Engineering degree, I participated in a research project involving the detection of online inquiry skills by capturing interaction data on an isolated web search environment.
Technologies used: Node.js, Meteor, AngularJS, MongoDB, Apache Solr, Docker
Webpage: (in English)
Source Code: (released under AGPLv3)


As a member of the GNU/Linux Community at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, I was part of the development team of USACH Móvil, a mobile and web app for help students to find classrooms and relevant places on campus. Recently we released version 2.0 of this app, with lots of improvements.
Technologies used: Android SDK, ReactJS, Node.js, Google Maps API
Webapp (v2): (in Spanish)
Android App (v2): (in Spanish)
Source Code (v1): (released under GPLv3)

Git Manual for beginners

Not directly a "coding project", but still related. When I was part of the GNU/Linux Community at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, I had the urge to help my fellow students to grasp the basic knowledge of Control Version Systems with Git. These manuals have helped a lot of students in order to achieve that.
Technologies used: LaTeX, Git
Webpage: (in Spanish)
Source Code: (released under CC-BY-SA 4.0)


As part of my personal projects, in a very boring day I had the need to track my AliExpress Packages from Cainiao and CorreosChile in a single web app. After a couple of days of research and coding, TrackAliChile was made.
Technologies used: Node.js, Meteor, AngularJS
Webpage: (in Spanish)
Source Code: (released under AGPLv3)

Webapp Boilerplates

I often build webapp boilerplates for my projects that I release as open source code in order to help other people to start building their apps and to help myself to avoid reinventing the wheel:
React Frontend:
React Fullstack:
Vue.js + Material Design:
Meteor + AngularJS:
AngularJS with ES6: